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The objective of the one day Kanban workshop is to introduce and help understand the concepts of Kanban in software/non-software projects and business. Practical approaches to identify the value stream, work in progress limits, improve flow efficiency by identification and elimination of waste. 


Team Members / Project Leaders / Project Managers / Midlevel Managers  


Certified Kanban Professional by SolutionsIQ.


7 PDUs.


Holi discount of 3000 INR on regular price.

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Organizations / Teams wanting to be agile without making major changes to their existing process and culture in a big bang approach using time boxing, Kanban helps to deliver frequent releases meeting business needs.  

Participants will be able to 

  • Apply Kanban concepts to every aspect of your business.
  • Ability to apply Kanban effectively post workshop using practical approach.
  • Visualize priority & goal.
  • Create workflows and value stream, WIP limits
  • Reduce waste time, queue time and blockages in the process

Course contents: 

  • Introduction to Kanban
  • Identification & Value Stream Mapping 
  • Visualize work and create the workflow models
  • WIP limits, Service Level Agreements and Cadence 
  • Identification of Waste 
  • Measurements / Metrics, kaizen 
  • Kanban boards & Operation 

Duration: 1 day (9:00am – 5:00pm) 

Why should I attend the Kanban Workshop from SolutionsIQ? 

Generally Kanban is understood and implemented as a pretty simple and rather mechanistic approach to organize work. This is what is known as Shallow Kanban implementations. But Organizations which look to use Kanban as a vehicle that drives continuous improvement in an organization while managing change need to attend this workshop. 

Are you carried away with the buzz work “Kanban” wondering what it means and how you implement it? SIQ offers an excellent opportunity in Kanban. When the change matters the most to your project with lot of constraints, Kanban which aims at improving the workflow is preferred. Are you in such a situation? Then the Kanban Workshop is for you. 

This workshop is for anyone tasked with leading a change initiative in their organization and is suitable for managers, process engineers, change agents, experienced Agile, Lean, or project management coaches and consultants, existing Kanban practitioners. 

You need to attend the Kanban Workshop if you need to do the following: 

1.   You want to manage change and improve step by step. 

2.   You need to understand the 5 principles of Kanban by actually implementing it practically. 

a.     Increase visibility and identify bottlenecks / risks  

b.     Value of a “WIP limit,” and why is it necessary 

c.     Identify and implement a sustainable work pace  

d.    Create a Kanban board for end to end flows within the organization  

e.     Differentiate between "push" versus "pull" systems  

f.     Understand the psychology of teams and individuals at work. 

3.   You get a Practitioners view rather than a consultant view where in real life examples are discussed. 

About SolutionsIQ: 

With more than 30 years of experience, SolutionsIQ has a deep understanding of software delivery excellence. A leading provider of Agile consulting certified training & coaching, the company is uniquely equipped to help organizations leverage Agile project management and software development methods to deliver solutions more reliably with less risk and at lower cost.  




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